Funny License Plate #268

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Great plate for this sexy Jaguar. If we had a ride like this, trust us….we’d have a plate like this! Well done, sir! Well done!

Funny License Plate #267

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This Camaro knows what’s up!

Funny License Plate #266

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Not sure why, but this biker’s license plate doesn’t exactly scream “manly.” Could it be that we’ve never heard anyone with a husky voice mutter “Me Oh My Oh” ? Or could it be that when we see this phrase, our naive, child-like nature makes us hear the voice of Dorothy singing a remix of “Lions, and Tigers, and Bears.” Oh My! Whatever it is, we can’t help but chuckle over this funny license plate.

Funny License Plate #265

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More Cowbell, anyone?!

Funny License Plate #264

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It’s a little blurry, but you can read it. Need a way to advertise your musical skills? Try out your own mini billboard. This good DJ really knows what’s up!

Funny License Plate #263

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Beyonce ain’t got nothing on this chick. Her man didn’t just put a ring on it…he bought an economical vehicle FO HIS LOVE!

Funny License Plate #262

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Just a little somethin’ to brighten up your Monday morning!