Funny License Plate #258

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For some reason, I see a little Leprechaun driving this Honda. And he is getting ready to do some serious retaliation for all those who call him short. (Too bad the vehicle isn’t green.)

Funny License Plate #257

•November 8, 2010 • 1 Comment

And you thought matching up all those colors was difficult. Try taking this guy apart and then reassembling.

Funny License Plate #265

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Turns out people who want world peace are the same people who drive around with their car slathered in bumper stickers.

Funny License Plate #264

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It’s not a school bus, it’s a stool bus! Nothing like a good poop reference to brighten up the office on a Monday morning.

Funny License Plate #263

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Open to interpretation?! Our guess: Shaved Pink. Guess it could make sense if there was some sexual innuendo involved. Your thoughts?

Funny License Plate #262

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Before we give our commentary on this vanity license plate, let us start by saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong with driving a Nissan. We even have a handful of excellent coworkers who navigate the parking lot and city roads in Nissans. However, if you’re going to put a “Don’t Settle” license plate on your ride…it best be on something a bit more challenging to acquire than a Nissan. Honestly, when you were a kid, did you dream of having a Nissan? Or were you thinking of zooming around in a Corvette, Lambo, Ferrari or Aston Martin? Yeah, we thought so!

Funny License Plates #260 & 261

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While most people are meeting their soul mate on internet dating sites, such as eHarmony, Match and Chemistry, others take a more direct approach: personalized license plates. And, by golly, if I were Yente from Fiddler on the Roof, I’d say these two are a match made in heaven.

Funny License Plates – #259

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Under normal circumstances, we’d brush this license plate off as an individual who is selfish and, well, the opposite of a “giver.” But, let’s face it—it’s a Monday, and we are all a bit cynical. So, upon closer examination of aforementioned license plate, we can only assume this plate signifies the submissive role said driver plays in a sexual relationship.

Funny License Plate #258

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Come on DMV—you let this one through?

Funny License Plate #257 – Tesla Plates

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In keeping with the theme of last week’s  Tesla license plate photo, check out this Tesla license plate collage put together by the folks at