Funny License Plate #263

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Open to interpretation?! Our guess: Shaved Pink. Guess it could make sense if there was some sexual innuendo involved. Your thoughts?


Funny License Plate #262

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Before we give our commentary on this vanity license plate, let us start by saying that there is absolutely nothing wrong with driving a Nissan. We even have a handful of excellent coworkers who navigate the parking lot and city roads in Nissans. However, if you’re going to put a “Don’t Settle” license plate on your ride…it best be on something a bit more challenging to acquire than a Nissan. Honestly, when you were a kid, did you dream of having a Nissan? Or were you thinking of zooming around in a Corvette, Lambo, Ferrari or Aston Martin? Yeah, we thought so!

Funny License Plates #260 & 261

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While most people are meeting their soul mate on internet dating sites, such as eHarmony, Match and Chemistry, others take a more direct approach: personalized license plates. And, by golly, if I were Yente from Fiddler on the Roof, I’d say these two are a match made in heaven.

Funny License Plates – #259

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Under normal circumstances, we’d brush this license plate off as an individual who is selfish and, well, the opposite of a “giver.” But, let’s face it—it’s a Monday, and we are all a bit cynical. So, upon closer examination of aforementioned license plate, we can only assume this plate signifies the submissive role said driver plays in a sexual relationship.

Funny License Plate #258

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Come on DMV—you let this one through?

Funny License Plate #257 – Tesla Plates

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In keeping with the theme of last week’s  Tesla license plate photo, check out this Tesla license plate collage put together by the folks at

Funny License Plate #256

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An electric Tesla Roadster, seen charging up with nothing but an orange electrical cord, sports a clever “OFF GAS” license plate.