Funny License Plates #230 – 235 Acronym Fun

WTF – We all know what it means. This Texan uses his license plate to express his emotions towards the events of 9/11.

Not sure why this plate says “Kill AOL” — but when was the last time you saw American Online being dissed by a license plate?!

Classic acronym – OMG, followed by move! Instead of customizing their license plate, this driver could have just blasted “Move, B*tch, Get Out the Way!” from his speakers.

Spotted outside of the Apple headquarters. What does the mysterious acronym stand for? How about “What Would Steve Jobs Do?”

From acronyms to acronyms. From ABCs and counting blocks to your PHD!

Do we really believe that someone famous rides in this Toyota? Wouldn’t they be in a some sort of stuffy luxury ride? Check out


~ by ASSMAN on July 6, 2010.

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