Funny License Plates #200 – #209

We hit the 200th Funny License Plate post! To commemorate, here’s 10 funny plates sure to get you smirkin’. Enjoy!

Blurry or not, you can still read it. And yes, that does say what you think it does: BRSTLVR

Honest. Straight forward. To the point. And, reminiscent of Austin Powers. Shagadelic baby, yeah

Clever, but C’mon. Maxy pad? The half of the population who need to use them don’t go around broadcasting and the other half of the population are scared of them. Who in their mind would do this? We want to see a picture of the driver, please!

Easily a favorite here at FLP Blog. It’s classic. WTF?

Balls are always funny, right? Yah. We thought so.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stop singing, “to the window…to the wall.” Those Ying Yang Twins made “skeet” a normal word.

A little bit of something controversial for those politically inclined.

At first we hesitated. But, check it out. This person clearly has a sense of humor…so we should too!

The word in itself is funny. Go ahead, say it aloud! GEEZER!

Upon first glance I thought this read Pussy Management. However, the G and the N are in the wrong location. Thereby we get “Pussy Magnet.” I’d say this guy’s got it all figured out!

~ by ASSMAN on April 6, 2010.

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