Funny License Plates #161, 162 and 163

We think these guys would definitely have a great weekend if they all met. What do you think? It baffles me how these got by the DMV in the first place. Can you imagine trying to explain them?

DMV Explanation: “I am a born again, and I am waiting for coming of my Savior.” – – – We bet they didn’t argue a question of Religion at the DMV.

DMV Explanation: “It’s obviously me telling that I am losing MPGS. But, I had to shorten MPGS to MG, everyone knows about the ‘per’ part. So, it kinda means CU M(per)G later.” – – – Yeah, Right!

DMV Explanation: “You know how some people are into Mockingbirds? Well I am into Swallows.” – – – Hmmm.

~ by ASSMAN on January 29, 2010.

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