Tis the Season to Be JOLLY! Plates #133, 134, 135

...and these people definitely are jolly! They must have been giggling at their local DMV, chuckling on the ride home and busting up laughing when their plates arrived. It baffles us how plates like these got passed the scournful eyes of the DMV….but somehow these gems slipped through! Hurray! Enjoy these funny plates.

Excellent use of the Virginia plate!

Amazing how this one got through. Imagine all the honking she must get as she drives down the block. Wonder if people throw money at her when she is idle at the street corner…

Wow. Really? Is this on the car of one of the guys who sings that stupid “Giz in My Pants” song?!?


~ by ASSMAN on December 24, 2009.

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